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Belfrey and Halles - Brugge
Belfrey and Halles

Sept. 4, 1998  Brugge, Belgium
We arrive in Brugge around 1:00 p.m.. An expeditious stop by the information booth at the train station, and we are armed with a map and a plan for making the most of the afternoon. Brugge, like most smaller European towns,

Sept. 2-6, 1998  Brussels, Belgium
The next morning, following some sight-seeing advice from Simmone, we board a bus into the city. Our first major stop was the Grand’ Place

Grand' Place
The Grand' Place

About to board in Atlanta
Trying our best not to look nervous

Sept. 1, 1998  Departure Day Atlanta, USA 
After a glass of Memossa as we waited (and waited, and waited) on the plane for take-off, and a few glasses of wine in between "good-bye" and "can you believe we’re really doing this" chit-chat with my folks and our friend TJ, Read more...
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