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Aug. 15, 1999  Tokushima, Japan
We're in town just in time for the last day of the mid August festival known as Tokushima Awa Odori, one of Japan's biggest and zaniest street parties.  Tens of thousands jam the city to play, dance, and just generally have a great time whooping it up. Hands in the air, and feet on the street, everyone does the 'bon' dance and chants:

The dancing fools
And the watching fools
Are foolish the same
So why not dance?

It's hard to argue with logic like that, so we just join in.

Ladies in waiting - getting set to perform for the crowds

Perfectly poised Inhibitions be gone!!

Don't you know . . . you make me want to SHOUT!

High steppin' to the band at one of the many side stages

Would you let your daughter date this man? (he is a medical student after all)

Fours hours of parade processions in mayhem

Laura learns the steps of the famous 'bon' dance from the experts Mobile street lights Japanese style

That's right, TWO big, juicy dishes of squid tentacles please

All dressed up in our 'yukatas' (summer kimonos) for a big night out

C'mon, it's easy!!  Just follow me! One of the many show-offs

Out of the way - here they come!

Pounding out the rhythm of the 'yoshikono' song Hey, didn't you used to have your own cooking show?

The perfect 'peace' pose

Just put your hands in the air like you don't care - ooohhh Awa Dori Taking a quick break from the action

Dancing fools in training

Grrrr!  Me big, bad Sameri too!

Celebrating hard with a motley crew of newly made friends

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