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A Little About Scott and Laura...
Getting hitched on the beach in CozumelHi, and welcome to our little adventure. Let us introduce ourselves. We're Scott and Laura  Kruglewicz.  This is a snapshot of us getting married on the beach at sunset in Cozumel last October (yes, I’m wearing tuxedo "shorts"). We include this photo because we think that our wedding weekend in Mexico, with 80 of our friends and family, does well to explain by example a little about who we are.

As a rule we enjoy doing things that:1) are a little out of the ordinary, 2) we can share with family and friends (old and new), and 3) encourage us to live life as fully as possible. 

Laura and I were both ready for something that let us do all three, and thus, Worldwide Wanderings was born. Early this year, we decided to take a little risk and leave our jobs (Laura was in Customer Service for Adventure Travel, and I had spent the last 2 years as a Director of Sales and Marketing for GE Capital IT Solutions), and our home (Atlanta, Georgia), to spend the next year traveling, quite literally, around the world. Honestly, I have had this little adventure on my list of "life goals" since before I started my own business over 9 years ago (I sold to GE). For a number of personal reasons, including thinking about starting a family (I’m 32, and Laura’s 34), the time to mark this one off our list has come.

Partying in the parking lot at a Jimmy Buffet ConcertSo, being blessed with at least adequate financial resources and more importantly, a thirst for adventure, new places, and interesting people, we’re going for it. As if circumnavigating the planet isn't crazy enough, we’re going to maintain this site, "real-time" with journal updates and photos of our adventures and experiences.

In preparing for our trip, Laura did most of the planning and logistics. I was primarily responsible for getting the new business going (yes, advertising banner slots are still available), designing and creating the site, and putting together the technology we’re using to stay in touch.

We hope this site encourages people like you who visit it to "just do it", whatever "it" may be. It’s a big world, and our time on it is relatively short. It’s a world big enough to hold untold new places to see, new things to do, and most importantly, new people to meet.

May Your Adventures, at Home or Abroad, be Safe, Educational, Fulfilling, and Fun,

- - Scott and Laura

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