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Worldwide Wanderings 1998-1999 The Trip Around the World
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The Adventure
Yes, its a little crazy . . .
inbullet.gif (462 bytes) 365 days, over 90,000 miles via planes, trains, boats, bicycles, and on foot.
inbullet.gif (462 bytes) 36 countries, over 100 cities, towns and villages, and hundreds of new friends and once in a lifetime experiences.
inbullet.gif (462 bytes) And most importantly, a chance to share these experiences with people across the world through the wonders of the Internet.
The Stories
As we travel, we'll document our adventures and publish them on this site. Our diatribes and musings will be organized into four areas. Chronicles - a regular journal of the sites, sounds, smells, and experiences of each of our destinations. Road Stories - a sampling of interesting stories about some of the people we meet and the places we visit on our journey. In Their Words - the thoughts and expressions of some of the personallities we meet and get to know along the way. A chance for them to tell our visitors how they feel about a something they feel is particularly meaningful. Souvenirs - a sampling of the various trinkets, trash, or otherwise that we found interesting and/or curious.
A Little about Scott and Laura
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