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Touring the town in style!
Touring the town in style!

June 30 - July 4, 1999  Melaka, Malaysia
Amee's voice shudders a bit during his explanations. As he peddles, the three of us bounce along the rocky cobblestone streets of time-honored Melaka in the most classic of rides - his pedal-powered trishaw. With flags fluttering in the breeze, stereo blaring an upbeat little disco ditty
June 22-27, 1999  Cairns, Australia
I just stand here as instructed, flippers hanging off the boat's edge, balancing the weight of the scuba tanks on my back. My heart is pounding with excitement as I step off the deck, drop six feet and into the swirling sea, then pop back up to the turbulent surface in an effort to gain my bearings. With waves crashing in my face . .
Cutting through the splashing swells with a 45 degree lean
Cutting through the splashing swells with a 45 degree lean

The massivly majestic Uluru (Ayers Rock)
The massivly majestic Uluru, or Ayers Rock

June 14-22, 1999 Northern Territory, Australia
This majestic monolith is most magical at sunset, revealing its many moods through its changing colors of both rock and surrounding sky. Over one shoulder, the fading light of the gradually descending sun sets the sky afire with scarlet, crimson, and glowing-orange

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