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An ancient style sailing junk crosses Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor
An ancient style sailing junk crosses Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor

July 19-28, 1999  Hong Kong
It's the dead afternoon of a super-humid July day. We're tromping around Hong Kong's bustling city streets, under the weight of our hefty packs; being  dripped on from the legions of A/C units above our heads; cringing with pain as squealing bus brakes pierce
July 6-18, 1999  Cameron & Langkawi, Malaysia
The constant, fuzzy roar of the waves crashing on the rocks just below our balcony create a background rhythm, while the chirping crickets, twittering birds, and an occasional puttering old fishing boat on its way back in from a day's worth of trolling, lay down a strikingly moving melody
Exploring the island's tropical coves
Exploring Langkawi island's tropical coves

'Welcome to Chinatown'
The Kuala Lumpur welcome wagon: 'Welcome to Chinatown'

July 4-6, 1999  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
This is Southeast Asia. The Asia that's found in the humidity-filled breezes that rustle constantly through the flopping palm tree leaves. Her cities, like Kuala Lumpur, wrapped in the almost constant orchestra of horns that work too well, and mufflers that barely work at all; and blanketed with a mass of buzzing scooters

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