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The impressively imposing Osaka-jo Castle
The impressively  imposing Osaka-jo  Castle 

Aug 11-14, 1999  Osaka, Japan
Osaka's a city that may arguably offer the best of modern Japan. As we discover first hand, it's also probably the least staid, most laid-back and friendly of Japan's larger cities. Not only that, but some say it's the city with the lion's share of Japan's 'urban personality'
Aug 8-11, 1999  Tokyo, Japan
Even at 11:00pm last night, the train was packed with commuters. Some looked as though they were just leaving the office, while others looked a bit squint-eyed, their staggering giving off evidence of a just ended extracurricular meeting, most likely a gathering over a few sakes
The simple elegance of a Japanese umbrella
The simple elegance of a Japanese umbrella 

An quick argument erupts over a game of street marbles
An quick argument erupts over a game of street marbles

July 28 - Aug 1, 1999  Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
The country just opened itself to outside investors and tourists in late 1989. And it was only shortly before that, in 1986, that the government reintroduced limited private enterprise. I get the feeling that the Vietnam of 1999 is a country still in the midst of

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