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The dark and majestic coastline of the Dingle Peninsula
The dark and majestic coastline of the Dingle Peninsula

Dec. 2-5, 1998  Dingle Peninsula, Ireland
In the blink of a leprechaun's eye, we were off on our rented two-wheeled steeds for an up-close and personal tour of the scenic western coastline of the emerald isle.
Nov. 27-29, 1998  Bangor, Northern Ireland
We feel immediately at home here, as we find the town's residents warm, friendly, and very Irish. In fact, Bangor holds the distinctive honor of 'friendliest stop' so far.
The scenic shoreline of Northern Ireland
The scenic shoreline of Northern Ireland

One of Edinburgh's old tradition holders
One of Edinburgh's older tradition holders

Nov. 20-25, 1998  Edinburgh, Scotland
From the tall gray-stone Georgian terraces standing at stately attention, to the sprinkling of medieval buildings planted solidly on their original foundations, the city's variety of architecture makes it one of the most handsome capital cities in all of Europe.
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